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Social media and recruitment

26.09.2012  Klára Gojišová 0  komentářů

A case study of Socialbakers (Czech based Company with mostly international clients)

How we do hiring at Socialbakers:

Primarily we love Social media. We therefore communicate with our potential hires via: 

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – we are in touch with likeminded people in the   Digital sphere and track each others career life

  • We invite people to skype interviews or face to face interviews once in Prague and discuss ways of cooperation over great coffee at our beautiful villa in Vinohrady

  • We rely on a reference system – we want to know how our candidates perform. Social media helps us find out.

  • There are no barriers: we are hiring all around the world – e.g. Istanbul, Paris, London, Sao Paolo, San Francisco – everything is possible.

  • The Company constitutes of creative people – our ultimate goal is to keep the energy and vibe and feed it from the inside.

When it comes to hiring, we do not care about lengthy and expensive assessments: results and career history speak for themselves. Attitude matters a lot: what people do not know they can learn with us.

We do not care about traditional job postings. We find recommendations from existing employees much more effective – our employees know who-fits-best and recommend likeminded people from all around the world.

We are diverse mostly in terms of ethical background.

All in all things run at cosmic speed at Socialbakers – we develop our products in Scrum and we live it. Thus traditional methods of hiring do not work for us: they are too lengthy and lack flexibility.

More about our recruitment tools will follow ...

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